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Exhibition text

Show with Jonas Hermenjat, Vittorio Brodmann, Yoan Mudry, Damian Navarro, Baptiste Gaillard, Ayan Kam Nakach

Nicolas Krupp Gallery, Basel, 2013

Fusion beyond matters

W, cartoons, hairs, sunset set, Derrida, jokes and stonned freaks, carrots and svastika, 69 rock, Mars attack, fluorescent flood, scarlet organic cluster, big feet big nose, Droopy on his bed, marbling, kidneys or lungs, strain, 48% and 52%, pink color of hippies, aluminum, mini-fence, chapters, french guy, trapezes, wood, pasta, Black sabbath, banana peel, attacked parable, pool, westie overboard, locked, drinkers seated, ghost residence, mads and tags, stand up comedy, Geneva, ...
No sound, the one of steps? No sound. The dialogue is somewhere else.
Fusion beyond matters.

What about
before matters? ... In the assembly of the primal materials, references; in the multiplicity of sources and cultures. As if each assembly was intended to create a multifaceted dialogue that creates the common, the other, the surplus. Something that exceed the subject
Questioning of the unity by strain effect, submit interpretation to the multiple - him again!

Excess, bulimia, arranged proliferation, organic - inorganic, conquest of space began, indefiniteness, paintings, drawings, objects, Motorhead and Ed rusha fight in a corner, mac book pro and photoshop, uncomfortable spaces, metamorphosis, fog of Carpenter, additional precision, objector, orifices, out of, Mr. dick, resonance,...

Behind the serial conception, appears the true autonomy of the element, of the piece, of the individual. Series conceived as anti-Fordist -
do not bring Marx here - as familial relationship or building of chapters. Elsewhere, something of an aborted fantasm, of the deceptive promise, of a packed fucking. The divisions are integrated. Juxtaposed. They justify the proposal. Since the all is the not true... They invent stories, are inspired by, generate, transmit.