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Exhibition text

Exhibition with Ceel Mogami de Haas, Andreas Hochuli, Yoan Mudry, Hannah Weinberger

Nicolas Krupp Gallery, 2015


to slide on satin or stumble over a suction cup

Cronenberg says: I am real, this is real, the world is real. And nobody laughs.

boundary between real and virtual word-image       word-image

               real and virtual context word-material       word-material

                     real and virtual place word-sound       word-sound

                                                   [appropriation]       word-event

Departing from the mouth-anus, to come across Bella, to stumble over a suction cup, swizzz, whooff, chtong, ouch!

26.02.2015, four artists for one proposal.

Man lives in a gravity-ridden world that maintains him to the ground and gives him a bidimensional view of the environment. From this two-dimensional space ensue a specific architecture of thought, constraints, a reality.

Human beings may be seen as lines, with at one end a head, and at the other feet attached to the ground. Gravity, like the opposition between our feet and our head, gives direction to our universe.

Either we go up, or we go down,

Either we move forward, or we move back,

There is no in-between, no third position.

No other position. But for those who are our age and share our geography, the alternative is a virtual one. It promises an attempt at forgetting that high is the opposite of low and that right, like left, need not intervene in this relation. What is virtual, like the intuition of a global, intensive vision composed of an infinite and infinitely open space; freedom 2.0, after the failure of Steve Job, of the hippies and LSD.

... half skeptical, half stoic, he found himself imagining how to use this mandatory/optional reality to his advantage.

                    >>> The term reality designates that which is perceived as tangible,

                    as opposed to that which is imagined, dreamed or fictitious. Virtuality

                    is linked to a potential state which may be actualized... or to the com-

                    puter's universe, it depends. <<<

Virtual reality head-mounted displays, second life, avatars, generalized interconnections, today reality and virtuality may no longer be these two very hermetically separated worlds, which have hitherto accompanied our western societies. Between new technologies, new conceptions of reality and new discourses, the line is getting muddied, the boundary becomes blurry. For generation Y, the world is partly virtual. It is a given, internalized and processed; virtuality is part of reality.

Yoan Mudry's proposal brings together works which tend to these questions. However, no USB cables are to be found here, no code, no pixels. A sole 3D rendering treated as video. That is because the questioning is not to be illustrated. The artists do not attempt to reveal a reality but to the contrary they propose a profound appropriation of it. Each puts in place a virtuality that is different, personal, linked to both an aesthetic tradition and a contemporary universe.

                                            >>> Tonight on our screens <<<

Kelley                                                  VS / LOVE                                      Berkeley

[Art must tend to what is real,                                                  [Reality would only exist through

meanwhile questioning all                                                        our mental images. These images

conceptions of what is real.                                                      are not only representations of a

It always transforms reality                                                      material reality, but also reality itself.]

into a facade, a representation, and

a construction. But it asks the

question of why this construction?]

                                              >>> Special guest: Cronenberg <<<

... he turns back and looks at the proposal. Between bizarre seduction, porno chic and plumbing, he thinks to himself that the organic side is just a part of virtuality's real counterpart.