A-sides, audio editions by artists

Research project,  a-sides.ch

With Laurent Schmid, Mathieu Copeland, John Armleder, Francis Baudevin, Stéphane Kropf, Jonathan Frigeri

Hybrid and nonhierarchical ways of diffusing results of an inquiry into artistic sound editions created and published in the “arc lémanique” area.

The project studies the ambiguity of the relationships between the current technological context, oriented towards dematerialization, and the persistence of sound practices distributed on tangible recording media. It is, therefore, essential to rely on analog, durable formats, and at the same time to evaluate and to find open and hybrid formats, avoiding empirical and secondhand blindspots. These nonhierarchical solutions should be interactive, permitting the possibility of adding content on a highly networked basis while being extensible and easily modifiable. The chosen methodology allows jumps in time and space, distinct levels of inter-connections, different types of relationships and actors, and the integration of individual perspectives and collective discourse.

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