FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER

Print & digital publication
2014 – ongoing


FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER is a conceptual, multidisciplinary and evolving editorial project. A collection of texts that unfolds in print, online and during several live events.
Outside of predefined fields, a singular reflection is created in the junctions. FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER attempts to follow these lines of thought. Through an interrogation of imminence and the multitude, combination or chance, the project provokes encounters, allowing for new conceptual links. The connections of ideas are not controlled, different each time, subjected to the singular imagination of the reader. A sort of revisited Zettelkasten that brings the reader into the writing process by offering him/her to freely assemble the texts that interest him/her to form his/her unique book.

Since 2014, each year about 30 authors are invited to augment the collection. With over 130 texts, FPWM expanded into a new digital format in 2019 following a collaboration with artist Sacha Béraud. The FPWM events are conceived as a cocoon in which Clinamen presents the FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER text collection. In order to reproduce the diversity of the collection, the events take place over three days during which different dynamics follow one another: festive evenings, quiet afternoons dedicated to reading, moments of performance, spaces for discussion, collective meals, etc.