Held Together With Water (The book)

Book as part of a multi-platform exhibition
Several locations: Le Commun, Geneva, public space posters in Geneva city, HTWW.space, HTWW publication, 2017

By associating the tools, experiments, and ethics of early conceptual artists, with those of the participative web’s new knowledge communities, Held together with water attempts to link together similar developments from different times in history.
A multi-layered and multimedia exhibition that for which each platform is thought as an exhibition space in itself. Thus, the posters, the website and the publication are no meta-productions providing information or testimonies about the exhibition but rather present original works conceived specifically by the artists for each medium.

Thus the publication is an augmented bootleg of Laurence Weiner’s “Statement”. It involves an essay by Roxane Bovet, original artworks and a serie of memes printed on stickers.
The format and binding is the exact same of Weiner’s original and the paper has been chosen to be as close as possible from the original. While Weiner’s was photocopied, ours is laser-printed to remain in the same logic of economy of means and low-cost distribution.
In order not to alter Weiner’s work. No information or elements were printed in his book. The essay and the works of other artists are flying elements. Weiner’s book functions here as a display echoing Nastasia Meyrat’s display that structures the entire exhibition at Le Commun.

Read the book here