Fri Art Kunsthalle, 2015

Screamscape development of a publishing project as part of screamscape – taking place at Fri Art from june to september 2015.
I set up a recursive and fragmentary protocol that not only reports on events that took place but also on the conceptual architecture of the project ; its temporality, its dynamic. The publication reveals the multiple nature of the week while being at once the archive, the diffusion and the living. Above all it’s a matter of being in pursuit of the concept and not only in the recording of it.

Fri Art Kunsthalle, 2015

With: Jérôme Berbier, Antoine Bertin, Denise Bertschi, Nicolas Brulhard, Lucas Cantori, Alexandra Catana, Antoine Chessex & Stéphane Montavon, Ernest Churchill, Mathias Clivaz, Léo Collin, Thierry Dagon, Marc Décimo, Boris Denler, Delphine Depres, Camille Dumond, Alain Freudiger, Vanessa Gageos, Nicolas Geiser, Michael Gendreau, Grand Choeur Noise, Francesco Gregorio, Delphine Depres, Judith Huber & Silvia Isenschmid, Infolipo, Jason Kahn, Antoine Läng & Thomas Perrodin, Rolf Laureijs & Benjamin Pogonatos, Andrea Marioni, Fabian Marti, Laure Marville, Angela Marzulo, Lou Masduraud, Francisco Meirino, Flavio Merlo & Ben Rosenthal, Jen Morris, Camilla Paolino, Dave Phillips, Ilaria Picchetti, Cassandre Poirier-Simon, Gabrielle Schaad, Nora Schultz, Nicole Staremberg, Ramaya Tegegne, Unperfectradio, Thibault Walter, Tamara De Wehr, Allen S. Weiss

29cm x 38cm (unfolded) // 44 pages // 12ch