A-sides: hybridity, plasticity, Simultaneity in the conception, instruments and methodology of reserach

Published in A-Sides - audio editions by artists, 2019

Research is conducted without any straight lines, it is an uncertain process by capillary actions, with inherent transformations and which returns upon itself. It is not a matter of refusing method, but rather one of recognizing the limits of all the methodologies in order to be capable of changing and adapting them constantly with reference to the research stage and the object under examination. Over the course of a process of inclusion and
exclusion of the objects we encounter, the frontiers of the area of research are constantly renegotiated, and the validity of its perimeter questioned. Each time an artist, a musician, or an album challenges the decisions we have established, it allows us to define our objective. Choosing, selecting or being chosen but also remaining part of the process. We are ourselves at the heart of the fields under investigation. There is no external perspective, no divergences from context, no neutrality; each member of the A-sides research team has evolved within different fields and domains, each one has one foot in and one foot out; this constitutes the diversity of our structure, which allows for the essential toing and froing necessary to describe the phenomenon.

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