Held Together With Water, 2018

Essay accompanying the exhibition Held Together With Water.

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By associating the tools, experiments, and ethics of early conceptual artists, with those of the participative webs new knowledge communities, held together with water attempts to link together similar developments from different times in history.

Roxane Bovet proposes a multi-layered and multimedia exhibition that, rather that illustrating virtual reality by borrowing its aesthetic codes, presents works by artists that incarnate new possibilities, statements and views of the world. This exhibition tries to stand aside from the generational acceptation of a new aesthetic; from the hashtag “post-Internet” and from his global interpretation.

In the perspective of bluring the border between display places, communication, art and meta-productions, archives and documentation, the curatorial platforms do multipliy; this virtual platform which include virtual art pieces and the theoretical fram of the project, posters spreads in the city and in some art spaces in Geneva, an exhibition in a book and a phisical space, Le Commun in the contemporary art building in Geneva. It becomes the place where things happens, an environement for multiple uses which hosts live events.